Thinking good (positively) of Allah with regard to events happening in Syria

By Dr. Iyad al Qunaibi


My brothers,

Tests (through hardship) is not a new matter, but rather Allah’s Sunnah in His creation.

Allah Says [And We will certainly test you until We know those of you who carry out Jihad (struggle in Allah’s way) and observe patience, and until We test your affairs]{Mohammed:31}.

And Allah has informed us of the story of the people of the trench who were burned (alive) for His sake, the magicians of Pharaoh when he, Pharaoh, said to them [Surely, I will cut off your hands and your feet on opposite sides, and I will crucify you on the trunks of Palm trees] {Taha:71}, and the children of Israel who the Pharaoh had slaughtered their children and enslaved their women while they watched, Pharaohs companions, had saw. It got to the point that their children would be murdered before them, their women forcefully taken to be raped infront of him, and then he himself would be tortured. The Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) told us about a people who were cut with saws and their body flesh will be torn apart from their bones while they were alive.

For us,  when we accepted Allah as our lord ; we knew of this (the difficulties and hardships). We have accepted a Lord, Who will test us with great tests. However, He grants the believer patience throughout it and reward him ; to the extent that he, the salve, would wish on the day of judgement that his test was even greater and harder .

When were the believers of the trench burnt? It was almost 1500 years ago, and when did Pharaoh punish the children of Israel, killed their children, enslave their woman, and cut the hands and feet of the magicians and crucify them? More than 3000 years ago, Nevertheless the instant the believers pass away they are in the paradise of the life of Al Barzakh . And the instant Pharaoah perished along with the People of Al-Khulood (the oppressors) they were in severe punishment. Imagine! Since thousands of years the believers of the trench and the magicians of Pharaoh are enjoying paradise,and for thousands of years Pharaoh and his soldiers as well as the people the who burned the believers are in severe punishment. One thousand years! So now do you feel sorry for the believers of the children of Israel or the believers of the trench or are you jealous with what they are now in?

Abu Jahl tortured Yaser and Sumaya, the parents of Ammar, may Allah be pleased with them until the were killed. He, Abu Jahl, was then killed afterwards by several years. More than 1400 years Yaser and Sumaya are in paradise and Abu Jahl is in severe punishment. Are we now jealous of Yaser and Sumaya?

In the 50’s and 60’s of the previous century, Scholars such as Sayid Qutb and Abdul Qadir Oudah were tortured and hanged. Their killers died only a few years later, so for more than 40 years and the criminals are reaping the rewards of their actions and their war against the religion of Allah. Meanwhile those callers to islam that were tortured and sentenced to death are in paradise in al Barzakh as we assume and Allah is the who one judges them. Aren’t we now jealous of them?

Every Muslim that is being tortured and killed in Syria; Patient and expecting his reward from Allah, as soon as he dies he is in paradise .. whereas his killer has a severe punishment awaiting him at the moment of his death.

Do you know see that from the wisdom of Allah is that the their is paradise in the grave and punishment of the grave and told us about this so that we may show great patience? not only do we wait for believers to to be rewarded and the disbelievers to be punished when the hour comes, but to (rejoice) now!the former are in paradise and the latter are in severe punishment.

Right now! Its been said to your brothers and sisters killed in Syria upon belief: { O, reassured soul, Return to your lord, well pleased and pleasing [to him], and enter among my [righteous] servants, and enter my Paradise} {Fajr: 27-30} As for the soldiers of Bashar who are perishing right now { And if you could but see when the angels take the souls of those who disbelieved ; they are striking their faces and their backs and saying “taste the burning of the fire”] {Anfal:50].

Translated by Bilad Al Sham Media

The establishment of Jabhat Al-Nusra and the events of Al Sham from the beginning of the disagreement to the announcement of Dawlah.

Final BSM fb.jpg
By the Mujahid Sheikh AbdulRaheem Atoun “Abu Abdullah Al Shami”

The General Judge of Jabhat Fath Al Sham.

[Extracted from the book | Under the shades of the tree of jihad | page 177-194]


The Revolution in Syria (2011):

Allah has blessed this ummah with the spark of revolutions which progressed from Tunisia to Egypt.

It was the last days in the age of Sheikh Osama rahimahullah, where he described this major event with his eloquent words.

He explained: “For so long the Ummah has directed its face, waiting for the tidings of victory which loomed from the east, but the sun of revolution rose from the west. It sparked the revolution in Tunisia, putting the Ummah at rest and shone the faces of the populations, leaving the throats of the rulers sored and the Jews terrified to the closeness of the promise.

By overthrowing the oppressive ruler, the concepts of humiliation, submission, fear and hesitation have been perished, and the concepts of freedom, honor, courage and action have rose. The signs of change were made apparent with the strong will for freedom when Tunisia became the forerun, from which the knights of Egypt embraced the flames from the liberated Tunisians all the way to Tahrir Square as fast as the speed of lightning, and hence sparking a great revolution. And what revolution was sparked? A revolution for the entirety of Egypt.. For the Ummah.. If they hold onto the rope of their lord”

As the revolution progressed through Libya to Yemen reaching subsequently to Sham .. not in the slightest forgetting Iraq consequently.. It was made paramount that the Syrian revolution had features which distinguished it from the rest of the revolutions, this being a clear matter known by the observers and the masses in general..

This revolution whether we say it as being a peaceful or popular one, or one of Jihad, or any type within its progressive stages known by all, is verily a divine mercy for the Muslims in Sham importantly and also the Ummah generally. A mercy particular concentrated over the weak on the earth by the will of Allah, despite all the inflictions poured over the heads of the Syrian people today.

Yes, the revolution started peacefully, then the most Merciful destined its progression step by step until it became an Islamic Revolutionary Jihad. And indeed he is the best of Planners.

The Syrian revolution was one that started peacefully calling for dignity and freedom and the fall of the criminal nusairi regime that put Ahlul Sunnah through the worst of torture over forty years. It prohibited them the factors of any such decent life to the mere thought of fighting the Jews, as he is the trustworthy protector of Jewish border after he sold Joulan, and handed over Qunaitirah in a play of a comical war.

The demonstrations were a volcano shaking the feet of the oppressors from the Assad family and those behind them, and here started the divine plot where the oppressor thought that if he released a group of political and Islamist prisoners and removed the emergency state and the notorious national security court; that he would overcome the revolution and smother its sparks lit by Allah exalted is he, but how far ..

And that if he with cruelty, kills, destroys and carries out massacres the revolution would cease, but how far .. how far ..

And like this the heat of the battle intensified and the Jihadi groups started to appear immensely; through the long periods they have awaited these days and chances of such events, and from these groups was “Jabhat Al-Nusra for the people of Sham”


Establishment of Jabhat Al-Nusra:

Allah blessed Sheikh Joulani (may Allah preserve him) with his release from prison before the beginning of the revolution as we mentioned, and he remained in “the north” in Iraq with his friend who was in charge of the north at that time, and this man offered the sheikh after moments of long halted one of 2 choices, for him to be replaced by another, or to be besides Abu bakr Al Baghdadi, but sheikh refused such a post and offered to the friend brief mapping of ideas to start a project in Sham. Upon hearing the project the friend embraced the idea of such project, and requested it to be written by the sheikh so it could be sent to Al-Baghdadi and await his response.

Therefore Sheikh Joulani started writing the general features of the project which he titled: “Jabhat Al-Nusra for the people of Sham”

For incumbent reason, in the beginning it was announced with its long name “Jabhat Al-Nusra for the people of Sham from the Mujahideen of sham in the battlefields of jihad”

Al Baghdadi upon being a witness to the ideal project wished that he had someone in Iraq who would transform his dream into a project, and project eventually into work, Adnani (since he was Shami) attempted to follow the creation of Sheikh’s narrative, but was  unsuccessful..

Before mentioning Al Baghdadis comments on the project written to him by sheikh Joulani, which later became “Jabhat Al-Nusra”

I will broadly mention some of the ideas of the project from which are partially public and harmless in the current climate if revealed.

Sheikh Joulani made clear his short term targets and long term ones, highlighting the necessity of benefitting from the experience in Iraq, with the mistakes that occurred, and that we must continue from the 100 that the Jihad has reached and not the 0 that sheikh Zarqawi rahimahullah started with. He pointed out that between Sham and Iraq there are significant differences that shouldn’t be overlooked; from the differences mentioned: the jihad in Iraq started due to invasion, whereas the situation in Sham begun due to a popular revolution, the fact that Iraqi tribes are stronger than the Shami tribes, and also the Muslim brotherhood in Sham being weaker than in Iraq, the Nusayris in sham covering only a minority despite them having manifested control over the authorities, security and the army. Their mentality in which they do not call to their beliefs, differentiating to the rafidhah in Iraq where they are people who call to their beliefs, not covering a minority, and other differences. This means that the Iraq scenario can undeniably never be applied to Sham, and the parallel fact that we shouldn’t copy such experience which could parallel to the same mistakes.

Sheikh also mentioned that the pace of events were quickly changing which meant the necessity of direct communication between him and the leadership in Iraq ; where this communication is daily or almost daily, or he must be given power and a general authority of making decisions according to the developments. All this was within the umbrella of Al-Qaeda but without publicly announcing it, Jabhat Al-Nusra would be the Al-Qaeda branch in Sham, via the Islamic state of Iraq ; and from it to Al-Qaeda central command.

Al Baghdadis response to this project was: “I agree to every letter written in this book .. the writer of the project didn’t leave any area for criticism .. Applying coherently that the Iraqi experience to Sham is considered suicide”

Hence Al Baghdadi agreed to the transfer of Sheikh Joulani to Sham. He entered with some finance in mere cash that Al Baghdadi provided, and a few individuals not exceeding the number of fingers on ones hands. Not going into grave detail about the cash and men, despite Al Baghdadi gravely cheated himself and the Ummah when he mentioned that he supplied the Sheikh with cash, men and his cells in Sham; as mentioned.

The sheikh here began the establishment of Jabhat Al-Nusra starting from Sham capital, Damascus. Groups from the Jabhat spread in vast provinces after Damascus, like Dara,a, Homs, Hama, Adlib, Aleppo, Raqqah, Deir Al Zour and Hasakah.

After the stage of establishment, it began to target the regimes vital institutions like the “security branches” in many provinces, most importantly in: Damascus, Aleppo, Dara,a, Adlib, Hama and Deir Al Zour.


Jabhat Al-Nusra in the context of the Shami Jihad:

The Jihad took course in the care of Allah, and the regime started to shrink due to the attacks by the Mujahideen with continuous victories. Importantly the matter that occupied the leadership of the group “the sheikh and his shura council” was working on uniting the jihadi groups in sham, foremost “Jabhat Al-Nusra and Ahrar Al Sham” since they were “Ahrar Al Sham battalions”.

It therefore sacrificed for this sake of great efforts, may Allah place it in the scales of the sincere and truthful from both sides. Facing huge obstacles in that path today we still do, and this topic requires its own book therefore I do not want to long it out, but if Allah grants me a lengthy age to a time where I see and there is multitudinous detail within this topic which I have enough time then I will write about it in sha’Allah.

The west has always tried to contain this revolution with substantial means, but Allah suppressed them .. They tried through International and Arabian delegations by giving the regime deadlines; one after the other so that the regime may advance and make a change in the scale of turmoil. These hypocrites – the west, was drawing red lines for the regime, and the regime has deliberately been crossing them, so without shyness or shame  the west draws new lines, as if they’re tempting and flirting with the regime to cross them. We’d mention in this context the chemical massacre in East Ghouta, for the purpose of if not only then thee most brutal massacre. The west has also turned a blind eye to the regimes besiegement of many areas, not forgetting the starvation of those besieged within, the targeting of other areas with all internationally banned weapons – as they claim – .

All the western attempts headed by America failed, so its spite led it to placing Jabhat Al-Nusra on the terror list before it had even announced its link to Al-Qaeda. This is for everyone to comprehend that the Americans animosity towards us is because we are Sunni fighters, and not because we are Al-Qaeda, and here I’m not talking specifically about Jabhat Al-Nusra, but the general masses of the Mujahideen.


Al Adnani in sham and the beginning of the disagreements:

Al Adnani arrived in Sham before the battle of liberating Tiftinaz airport, and sheikh Joulani appointed him as governor over the “north” which consisted of (Aleppo, Adlib and Hama). He started taking pledged of allegiance in the name of “Islamic state of Iraq” and not “Jabhat Al-Nusra”, therefore huge problems occurred between him and the administrators of Aleppo, Adlib and Hama due to his incorrect interference in the matters of these provinces.

Ideally Sheikh Joulani removed him from his position as Amir of the north, and with this removal started another problem.

The sheikh appointed him the governor over the borders, Muhajireen and the military camp for newly arrived Muhajireen. But again this turned out significantly unsuccessful , so the sheikh removed him again, this made the problem worse with him, so he started to write a report to the leadership of “Islamic state in Iraq” consisting of 25 pages, which Al Baghdadi allowed sheikh Joulani to view later on.

Before this report was sent Adnani tried direct and indirect means with sheikh Joulani in order for him to be returned as governor of the north, so the sheikh said to him “I betray Allah, his messenger and the believers if you’re not fit for it and I appoint you over it. And I betray Allah, his messenger and the believers if you were fit for it and I removed you from it”

Adnani’s spite increased, where he sent his report, with most of the sections of his report being taken from individuals oppositely faced on the spectrum to those in Jabhat Al-Nusra. These individuals were from other extraneous factions, including some who were hostile against various leaders of Jabhat since they were in Saydnaya prison.

Once the report reached Al Baghdadi, he sent for sheikh Joulani. So the sheikh rushed to Iraq despite there being more than 50 army barriers and checkpoints (control)- as they call it in Iraq – obstructing the route necessitated.

Despite the severe situation (in Sham) this did not allow the absence of sheikh, subsequently he went and placed upon his shura council a hierarchy from the leaders of “Islamic state in Iraq”, this appointee being Haj Ghanim, who was the general administrator of Jabhat Al-Nusra.

Avoiding to long out what happened with the sheikh in his journey to Iraq I say: he spoke to them about the actions of Al Adnani , so Al Baghdadi affirmed the stance of the Sheikh.

Frightfully Al Baghdadi paid (Al Adnani) by making him the deputy of sheikh Joulani after those mistakes that were enlisted!!

Al Adnani also whispered in their ears that Jabhat was trying to break off the “Islamic state in Iraq” ; which had Baghdadi send a personal supervisor over Sham. That individual being “Al Anbari”.. A supervisor with even more power than sheikh Joulani!!

Enticingly trustworthy: this supervisor -in that period- didn’t deal with sheikh Joulani according to that power.

And from the most prominent tasks he had: search, explore and investigate accuracy on the issue and matter of whether Jabhat has an intention of breaking off.. These tasks all carried out obviously without Jabhat knowing.

The mentioned supervisor wandered as long as six months through the whole east and north without leaving a base or headquarter un entered, then he left with a clear conclusion which he conveyed to his leadership: “there is no intention or thought within Jabhat to break off from Dawlah” .

Al Baghdadi and those with him deliberately used the method of indirect sacking, by limiting a person, where they wouldn’t remove a person directly but they would place a supervisor over him, a deputy beneath him and a consultant on his side .. Like this, until here.. This wasn’t an issue and we could cope with but was rather a bad method.


Al Baghdadi in Sham:

Al Baghdadi still wasn’t reassured despite everything that showcased, he personally traveled from Iraq to sham and arrived in the first month of 2014.. A time where Sheikh Joulani gathered all the leaders of Jabhat from south to north and from west to east to discuss the plan of starting a military offensive on Damascus .. Yes the capital Damascus..

But Al Baghdadi didn’t attentively care regarding those matters, Some problems intensified and he stated: “I’m ready to return Jabhat back to five people, so long as it is acting in the right way”.

In reality what he meant: for the organizational project in Sham to be under him as he likes, unconcerned about Damascus or any other areas as a matter of fact, which is proved by him removing the one responsible for administrating the battle of Damascus.

Al Baghdadi removed this Amir and others, and those decisions were purely corrupt due to them not based on understanding the reality. Rather it was settling personal accounts, but the group “Jabhat Al-Nusra” remained patiently steadfast.

Sheikh Joulani and other leaders (of Jabhat) were slandered, gossiped and lied about to Al Baghdadi. Al Baghdadi brought such gossip closer to him and described him as wanting to correct the track of the group!! And when was lying, slander and gossip considered correcting the tracks of a Jihadi group?!

We sat with Al Baghdadi in a long sitting which lasted three days from 10-13/3/2013 throughout which the shura council was reformed and structured again, and some problems were solved as apparent to us, that I have no space to go into detail.

I asked Al Baghdadi at that time in the presence of about ten others: Is a direct link to khurasan (AQC) without consulting you considered breaking off from you? He answered: and is there anyone who says that?! I said: I’m not sure, unconfirmed reports reached me that Al Anbari says that and it was confirmed to me later on. So Al Baghdadi answered, with everyone present listening including Al Adnani: “take it from me and I’m the head of the Islamic state in Iraq  … direct link to khurasan (AQC) isn’t considered breaking off from us, and I have no problem with Jabhat directly linking with khurasan (AQC)”

We also asked him before renewing our bayah (pledge of allegiance) to him -after the formation of the new shura council- on (13/3/2013): Do you have a bayah to Al Qaeda on your neck?, meaning our bayah to you is a bayah to the organization (Al Qaeda)? He answered by the exact wording -pointing to his neck- : I have a bayah to sheikh Osama on my neck and when he was killed taqabbalahullah; I wrote a letter renewing my bayah to sheikh Ayman Al-Dhawahiri hafidhahullah, and we listen to and obey to our leaders in Khurasan (AQC) . Based on this we gave bayah to this man.

After that sitting finished, we thought most problems were solved as we thought good of those people, it’ll be a few days..  A sitting or two..  And everything will be over, but we were surprised that nothing changed in their behavior. Instead the pace of bad actions increased and they behaved opposite to what Al Baghdadi promised in that sitting; by threatening some leaders -especially Iraqis- with assassination.

We were supposed to have another sitting in the beginning of the fourth month – 1/4/2013 – to finish the preparations, but the events which happened between 13/3 to 1/4 were many and enough to cancel that sitting, we will not go into grave detail of; but from it was threats of assassination.

We asked Al Baghdadi if he sees any problem in us sending a message to Sheikh Al Dhawahiri, He answered: write and I will send it for you. When we saw the pace of events progressing we decided to write the letter. Majority of the shura council that Al Baghdadi formed, including other leaders in the group gathered to write a complaint letter and sign it. Disreputably they wrote it and the signatures are present in the archives till today.

We didn’t send the letter through “Dawlah group and its furqan media” because we feared it may be played with and changed as they did with a previous letter sheikh Joulani sent to the shuyoukh in khurasan, after the shouyoukh insisted on it .

The detail of that is that sheikh Abu Yahya Al Libi requested from Sheikh Joulani to write a detailed report about his project in Sham, and the condition of Jihad at that time. So the sheikh sent to the leadership in Iraq acknowledging them of the matter, and before he got a response from them; he received a second letter from sheikh Abu Yahya Al Libi, with criticism for the delay of a response to his previous letter.

Then Allah willed for sheikh Abu Yahya Al Libi the be martyred in that period, where he was then succeeded by sheikh Abu Ubaidah Al Adm rahimahullah. He also repeated the same request once or twice, and the sheikh throughout this whole period was waiting for a reply from “Iraq”,

Finally he got a response merely saying: “send it through us, through Al Furqan”. The sheikh wrote his response requiring cooperation, so they took permission from him to review and edit it, and he gave them permission. They added to it something dangerous by deliberately forging a part of the letter.. They removed the long introduction in which the sheikh spoke of his project in Sham and scandalously assigned it to themselves.

After what’s mentioned, and also them keeping many letters that were directly sent to us from Khurasan, we couldn’t trust them any further so we sent the letter through other secure methods.


The explosion of the situation and the announcement of Dawlah:

When Al Baghdadi and Al Anbari found out that we sent a letter to Sheikh Al Dhawahiri hafidhahullah, they planned to block the path for both Jabhat and Sheikh Al Dhawahiri at the same time, nullifying “Islamic state in Iraq” and “Jabhat Al-Nusra” and announcing the new name “Islamic state in Iraq and Sham”

They did that despite them acknowledging it was an innocent decision which was unsuitable at the time. They tried justifying it by the importance of blocking the path for Jabhat, and in reality it was a path blocked for Jabhat forcing the situation even upon Sheikh Al Dhawahiri hafidhahullah. However this is what they seeked since their announcement of Dawlah until the first letter of Sheikh Al Dhwahiri arrived which nullified their announcement, but even then they ignored it.. Sheikh Al Dhawahiri then sent another letter with the final decision of which they doubted its authenticity despite them having full knowledge of its accurate authenticity.

Someone from them informed us of the intention of Al Baghdadi to leave (to Iraq) when the letter arrived, but Al Anbari and others prevented him from this; and convinced him to stay, so he came out announcing that he has “shara’i and manhaj issues” with the letter of sheikh Al Dhawahiri!!

Contextually we also mention that Al Baghdadi previously said: “If the response of Sheikh Al Dhawahiri comes in favor of Jabhat, then I’ll kiss the heads of the people of sham, carry my luggage and return to Iraq”. And when the response came he denied all that, committing against the people of Al Sham the worst of crimes which will require volumes to talk about.

Al Anbari commented on the letter of sheikh Al Dhwahiri with: “we’ve fallen into what we accused Jabhat with”. Meaning: disobeying the Amir, but were not same, we didn’t disobey Al Baghdadi.. Rather we raised the issue to his Amir and he (Al Baghdadi) considered it a defection, and about his disobedience to his Amir then it’s known without the need to mention it, and we wish they’d been content with just that.


The leadership of Dawlah relied on activating a number of issues, from it:

Fatwa Al Dhafar (seizure): considering everything in the hands of Jabhat as spoils, and whoever seizes it by any form of force, dispossession and looting is allowed.

They also relied on taking the view of killing for a benefit which Al Anbari rooted for them, without them understanding the sayings of the people of knowledge and the correct reasons, using the saying of scholars: “whoevers evil cannot be repelled except with killing then he is to be killed” and applying it to opposing groups, mainly “Jabhat Al-Nusra”.

They also lifted the restraints from the extremists despite them using these extremists in the first stages for their personal gains. Except that Allah punished them with the same kind of their crime; as the manhaj of the khawarij spread and prevailed amongst them it became a general feature they were prolifically known for, until they became a group from amongst the groups of the modern day khawarij. Their heads and leaders became from the big heads of the khawarij in this era. As I’ve detailed in a previous lecture “that you’ll make it evident to mankind and not keep it back” some of their actions, manners and principles.

Shaytaan played with that group, so it increased extremism upon extremism, until it almost made takfeer on everyone who opposed them making their blood and wealth permissible. So it caused in the arena a corruption what only Allah knows of, and delayed the Jihad many coherent laps.

The greatest calamity was their announcement of an incorrectly faked “caliphate”, and it is only by Allah, from the biggest deceptions of iblees to them, that after the occupancy of it they started to reveal their true colors. Al Adnani shouted with his full mouth: we will separate groups, break the ranks of the organizations and liberate the liberated.. to other than those calamities that cannot be counted or mentioned, and Al Adnanis description of Al Qaeda and its wise Amir as a prostitute; pregnant in its ninth month is only one of those calamities, and Allah is sufficient for us.

Countlessly I have gone in refuting their claim of the caliphate in the chain of lectures titled .. “Important issues in leadership, the right of the ummah”

The reality in essence is that speaking about these people (the khawarij) brings only sorrow, and in this summary there is sufficient enough in sha’Allah.

Unmasking Hezbollah.

Flags changed nasru.jpg

Headlines of the major news outlets across the globe continue to label the conflict in Syria as a civil war, misleading their readers in the process.

The 185 by 180 kilometer stretch of land has turned into a face-off between good and evil and since neither are restricted to a particular geography, diversity is thriving.

While thousands were moved to defend the oppressed women and children who were being indiscriminately bombed and killed, others have come with Hollywood like movie narratives. To prove (me right on the)/the latter look no further than the party of Satan; “Hezbollah”!

Hezbollah was formed 3 decades ago and has since been through many different stages. Since its formation it seems that the only thing which it has accomplished has been the fooling of millions of Muslims that it is a force to look to and lean upon against the oppressive state of Isreal.

Threatening rants and an exaggeration of its weaponry and arsenal gave many Sunni Muslims and Shiite hope that this army can one day be victorious over the Jews and free the Holy Land. But the lies of Hezbollah and its clowns came to light when they boasted about winning a war against Israel in 2006 with a lower casualty rate than most car accidents. A war which their leader Nasrallah’s voiced thunder through tv’s and speakers about “shooting the first and last bullet” after declaring open warfare to Haifa and beyond.


Allah says about the hypocrites {And when you see them, their forms please you, and if they speak, you listen to their speech. They are as if they were pieces of wood propped up} (63:4).

After years of pumping up their forces, their true colors are now coming to light as they have used all their strength not against the Israelis whom they’ve been demonizing since their formation but against Ahl Al-Sunnah in Syria. While the sincere and truthful arrived in al-sham to fight against the most brutal tyrant of the 21st century; Nasrallah sent his herd of sheep to defend the very pilots dropping barrel bombs that are shredding the bodies of children to pieces and the same soldiers who are violating the rights of the pure Muslim sisters. Estimates put the number of Hezbollah fighters in Syria around the 5,000 range since the beginning of their arrival (made public in 2012 by announcing their first killed). Conservative reports put their casualty rate at 1,500 but other sources have it closer to 3,000.

Simply going over the interviews and speeches of their ignorant leader Hassan Nasrallah who paint brushes the conflict to his convenience, their deception becomes apparent.  To whitewash their criminal backing of Bashar, Nasallah creatively characterizes this conflict as a war with America and Israel to his baboon like following. A script more fit for a film than an idea to sacrifice your life for. In mid 2016, he foolishly claimed in an interview that this is a continuation of the 2006 war with Israel as they are fighting the same enemy. According to him, this is all a plan by the U.S and Israel to break the axis of resistance that is threatening Israel. In other speeches he claims that Nusra and ISIS are a product of the United States. He even reiterated the idiotic statement of Trump, “Obama founded ISIS”, as proof to his even more idiotic theory.


To put his group in the spotlight he quotes the Americans “We made Daesh to in order to fight Hezbollah and the resistance”. Lets dig deeper into his fantasy world, in October of 2016 his intellect became more transparent with more groundbreaking discoveries when he said “In the area of Idlib and Aleppo, the US defends , safeguards, and allows financial and military aid to be provided to the  Nusra Front”. An interview with a Hezbollah fighter in Syria, validates that the stupidity trickles down the ranks when he was asked how he felt coming to Syria and fighting Arabs, his response “that they, Hezbollah, are still fighting the same enemy (Israel & the U.S) and the only difference between then and now is that these soldiers, rebels, are wearing a dush dash (white robe) and holding a Quran.” Hard not to challenge their honesty when they claim they are not only defending the sovereignty of Syria but the majority of Sunnis who have been killed by these takfiris while they bark “O, Zainab, you will not be held captive twice” and wearing “O Hussein” bands which clearly promote sectarian conflict.

This is their justification! They consider themselves fighting America when the intervention of America in Syria has benefited no one but the animals of Bashar. Hezbollah has been in Syria for 3 years and counting and how many times have they been hit by an American airstrike. If it was not for the American led coalition against ISIS, how can Bashar and his allies have contained any fronts with all opposition groups with an already spread thin army. How many times have we seen America counter on behalf of Bashar and his Allies with an assassination of a commander or base strike every time the Mujahideen delivered a blow to the regime. Does the Martydom of Abu Omar Saraqib not work in the favor of these thugs when he was planning another annihilation of their forces to break the siege of Aleppo? As there/their gate for reinforcements is wide open, America and its allies have cracked down on even the women trying to make their way to opposition areas. What is the casualty rate of Hezbollah fighters due to American airstrikes? How many of their commanders or bases have been struck from the sky? What threat do they even pose to American interests? Yet their ferociousness in fighting is fueled by flawed conspiracies justifying their siding with those responsible for atrocities against masses the world hasn’t seen since the holocaust. The Huffington post summarizes best the role of America in Syria “By allowing Assad to effectively outsource the battle against ISIS, the U.S.-led bombing campaign has freed up Syrian and Russian firepower for fighting other groups inside Syria – including the very groups that the U.S.supports. If the U.S.military intervention has helped any of the players in the Syrian conflict, it has probably been more to Assad’s benefit than to any of the opposition groups the U.S. government officially supports.”.

Some advice to Nasrallah is to change the rhetoric in his next barking session because clearly they aren’t fighting against who they claim to be fighting. Maybe he can come up with something more meaningful for his dogs to die for without it being so obviously false and easily debunked. Though one might assume its impossible to find something truthful from this clan of thugs, there was a nugget of truth in what their spokesperson said recently. We can agree to his statement that “the last words will be on the battlefield” and if he like he said before is as willing as to come here if need be then we say to him “Tafaddal” (welcome)  . We have our “Mufakkhahat” (Martyrdom operation vehicles) and the “Inghimaasiyyon” (stormers) ready for you.

Chapter 3: Avoiding the unclear banners and the danger of getting killed in anger for your group and not for the sake of truth.


The Third Hadith:

Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with him, narrated that the Prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said “Whoever fights under an unclear banner, being angry for a group, or calling to a group, or giving victory to a group, and gets killed, then his killing is Jaahiliyah (he dies in pre-Islamic state of ignorance)”.

Narrated by Muslim, Ahmed, Al Nisa’i and others .

Clarifying the meaning of some words:

The banner: It is the flag; and what is meant here is not the real flag that is raised over the heads of the soldiers, rather it is the purpose for which that banner has been set up, and what the people gathered and assisted each other to fight for. And because of this the banner has been described as unclear, while the flag would not be described as such.

Al-Sanadi -may Allah have mercy upon him, says : “His saying “under an unclear banner” refers to a group gathered for an unknown matter that one does not know as to whether it is truth or falsehood”.

Grammatical Analysis: U’mmiyyah/E’mmiyyah’ عمية (unclear banner) is in the same pattern as the word “Fi’liyyah” (in the Arabic grammatical rule). Imam Nawawi – may Allah have mercy on him – says : “It is with the ‘Dhamma’ (i.e. that makes ‘U’ in U’mmiyyah) or ‘Kasra’ (i.e. that makes ‘E’ in E’mmiyyah) for the letter A’in (ع) (which is the first letter in the word, hence pronounced as either Ummiyyah or Emmiyyah), “Kasra” with ‘Shaddah’ (stress) on the letter Meem (م) (which is the second letter in the word which is the letter ‘M’ doubled in U/Emmiyyah), Shaddah also on the letter Yaa (ي) (which is the third letter in the word which makes the letter ‘Y’ to be doubled in U/Emmiyyah). They said: It is a blind cause whose purpose is not clear. Imam Ahmed Bin Hanbal said this alongwith the majority. Is-haq bin Rahooya said that this is like the people fighting for tribalism”.

Al-Usbah (the group or tribe): Al Zamakhshari said: “The U’sbah – they are cousins and whoever does not have an obligatory fixed share in the inheritance, but rather only takes what remains after the obligatory shares are set aside. They are the ‘U’sbah’.

What is meant here is the relatives of the man and his community for whose sake he gets angry and who get angry for him, he seeks protection with them and supports them whether they are right or wrong. And in some of the Hadith narrations it is mentioned as “he promotes partisanship towards his community”…etc. Abul Faraj Ibn Al Jawzi, may Allah have mercy on him, said “Asabiyyah (partisanship) is to support the community in their desires even if they have gone against the Shariah”.

Some benefits from the Hadeeth

Firstly: It is obligatory that one’s fighting must be with knowledge and insight, and not by being blind and for the sake of desires.

Second: One must differentiate between a legitimate battle which promotes only the truth, and other battles which are fought for the sake of desires.

Thirdly: The banner is judged based on the reason it has been raised, and not just the forms, shapes and designs.

Fourth: The prohibition of going forward and fighting in a war which isn’t being fought to support the truth.

Fifth: That loyalty is based on the brotherhood of faith, and not based on partisanship.

Sixth: A Muslim believer may fall into some ignorant actions and die upon it without it taking him out of Iman (Faith).

Seventh: A war being permissible does not mean that the one who is killed in that war is a martyr, for there is a possibility that what motivated him was only anger for the community or partisanship towards them, and not for supporting the truth.

Eighth: Warning against absolute partisanship towards anything other than the truth be it towards a tribe, a community, a leader, a scholar, a faction, a name, a Madhab (school of thought), an opinion, a country and anything other than that.

Sheikh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, may Allah have mercy upon him, has said: Whoever shows partisanship towards the people of his town, Madhab, path, relatives and friends against the others, he has a portion of Jaahiliyya (state of ignorance) within him until they (the believers) become as Allah has ordered them to be, and that is by holding firm to the rope of Allah, His book and the Sunna of His prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

Ninth: The great seriousness of the matter of the intention in fighting.

Tenth: The importance of devotion to the truth and being free of desires and misguidance.

Eleventh: Holding onto the clear and evident matters and avoiding the unclear and unspecific matters to safeguard religion and honour.


First: Some of the (names of) this section by the Imams may Allah have mercy on them : Muslim put it under (Section : Obligation of staying with the Muslim community when tribulations occur and in all cases, and the prohibition of disobeying the leader and splitting from the group). And what is mentioned in the above section is part of a Hadith, the first part of it is the statement of Prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him: “Whoever disobeys the leader and splits from the Jama’ah (Muslim community) and then dies, he dies in Jaahiliya (state of pre-Islamic ignorance).”

And Al Bayhaqi mentioned it under: (Section: Encouragement to stick to the Muslim community and being severe against whoever takes his hand away from obedience).

Chapter 2: It is necessary that the believer’s fighting is for elevating the Word of Allah


The Second Hadith

Abu Musa, may Allah be pleased with him, narrated that: 
A man came to the Prophet (
) and said, “A man fights for war booty; and a man fights for fame and a man fights for showing off; which of these is fighting in Allah’s Cause?” The Prophet () said, “He who fights so that Allah’s Word (i.e. Islam) becomes superior, then he is the one fighting in Allah’s Cause.” (Agreed upon)

Some lessons from the Hadith

  1. Asking the people of knowledge about the unclear matters in religion.
  1. Eagerness of the Sahaba in knowing the truth and clarification in matters, and seeking to do them based on insight.
  1. The danger of submitting to one’s soul (desires), and being cautious of responding to its temptations, as they may lead him towards destruction while he is striving to get mentioned and praised by people, and then his only gain will that (he will be told) “it has been said” (which Allah will say to him on the Day of Judgment before throwing him into hellfire).
  1. The path of truth is only one, but the paths of falsehood are many and different.
  1. It is necessary for the Mujahid to empty his soul from self-interests, and he must not have any aim other than uplifting the truth and giving victory to it.

  2. If the outer action matches with the Shareeah that does not necessarily mean that the inner intentions are in consistence with it. This has also been pointed out by the previous Hadith. Hijrah and fighting has one apearance, but the intentions for them vary, like what Al Allamah ibn Al Haaj al Maaliki has said: “Hijrah is one and the same in action, yet one may be for the sake of Allah and another for other than Allah’s sake, according to what the inner self holds, which is the intention. Imam Abu Abdullah Malik ibn Anas, may Allah have mercy upon him, said “Do you not see that prostrating to Allah and prostrating to an idol have the same appearance, however one of them is an act of worship and the other is an act of disbelief, depending on the intention?” (Al Madkhal 1/7)
  1. Severe warning against seeking worldly gains using the action of the hereafter.
  1. The nobility of Jihad, which is due to its noble goal, which is to raise the Word of Allah.
  1. Qitaal (fighting) is a way to raise the Word of Allah and to establish His law, as these become dominant through it.
  1. The inclination of the soul towards immaterial gains like fame and seeking praise is not less than its desire for materialistic gains. And all of them are dangerous for it.
  1. The necessity for the Mujahid to take care of his intention for it to be only to make the Word of Allah dominant. Imam at Tahawi, may Allah have mercy upon him, said “The fighter is not entitled to be a martyr due to his fighting, unless his intention is to elevate the word of Allah”
  1. Jihad is an act of worship and needs sincerity and the correct intention.
  1. The meaning here of “Fee Sabeelillah (in the path of Allah)” is only for the one who intends to elevate the word of Allah by his fighting.
  1. The validity of the principle of “Mafhoom al Mukhaalafa” (Understanding based on the opposite meaning) with its conditions, to establish Islamic rulings. When the man asked the Prophet () a direct question he replied to him with a statement whose meaning would mean the opposite of what the man said. He did not say “whoever fights for war booty is not fighting in the path of Allah, and whoever fights for fame is not fighting in the way of Allah, and whoever fights to show off is not fighting in the path of Allah”, even though this is what was meant by his answer.


Firstly: Some of the titles for this chapter by the Imams:

Al Bukhari gave the title for this chapter as “The one who fights for the word of Allah to be the highest”. Also, “Will the reward be decreased for the one who fights for war spoils?”
Imam Muslim named the chapter as “The one who fights so that the word of Allah is the highest, is in the path of Allah.”
Imam Bayhaqi named it as “Clarifying the intention upon which one fights for it to be in the cause of Allah.”
Tirmidhi gave the title as “What has been mentioned regarding the one who fights for showing off and for worldly gains.”
Nasaai put it under the title “The one who fights so that the word of Allah is the highest.”
Ibn Majah under the title “The Intention while fighting”
Ibn Hibban under “Description of the fighting in the path of Allah for which Allah rewards the one who does so”

Secondly: Taqiyudeen al Subki said “The one who fights (to show) his bravery or to show off or out of family pride and is not fighting for Allah, then he is not in the path of Allah. This is a clear cut issue. And what is clear is that he is not called a martyr because the two meanings put down to classify one as a martyr aren’t there in his case and there is no Nass (text from Quran or Sunnah) stating him to be a martyr. However we think of him as a Martyr in relation to his outward appearance as we do not know his corrupted intention”. [Fataawa Al-Subki: 2/344]

Ibn Daqeeq al Eid, may Allah have mercy upon him, said “In this Hadith there is an evidence that it is necessary to have sincerity in Jihad and clarification that the one who fights to (show his) bravery or for tribalism or showing off is not included in that”.

Thirdly: Imam Ibn AbdulBarr, may Allah have mercy upon him, said: “Everyone who fights for the word of Allah to be the highest and for the word of the disbelievers to be the lowest is in paradise, if Allah wills” [Al-Tamheed: 18/345]

“Thaqoothekey thee” by Abu Nuh

“Thaqoothekey thee”
Poem by Abu Nuh (Rahimahullah)

Imam Ibn al-Qayyim (rh) said regarding the Thaqooth ,

“It is everything in which man exceeds his limits, whether it being worshiped, followed, or obeyed. So the Thaqooth of every community is he from whom judgment is sought, instead of what Allah and His Messenger have ruled; or those whom they worship besides Allah; or whom they follow without a proof from Allah; or whom they obey, while not knowing if it is in accordance to the Judgment of Allah. So these are the Thawagheet of the world; if you were to contemplate regarding them and see the conditions of the people with them, you would see that most of them have turned away from worshiping Allah Alone, to worshiping the Thaqooth ; away from seeking judgment from Allah and His Messenger, to seeking judgment from the Thaqooth ; away from obeying Him and following His Messenger, to obeying and following the Thaqooth .”

[Refer to “I’lām Al-Muwaqqi’īn” (1/50)]