The Life of the Maldivian Martyrdom Bomber Abu Turab rahimahullah


abu turab bio

The Life of the Maldivian martyrdom bomber, Abu Turab rahimahullah

Author: Abu Ayyub al-Maaldifi


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This is a concise and a humble biography of Abu Turab rahimahullah who had sacrificed his wealth and soul in the path of Allah.  He taught men what it means to truly sacrifice fee sabeelillah. From the days of ignorance, when he came into the hidhayai of the Deen, he shredded off the materialism he lived upon. For he was a professional white collar worker who went into simple humble jobs just so that he can put food upon the table of his house hold from a Halal income.

According to Umm Turab he slept little after a hard day of labor for she would find him praying salatul Tahajjud in the dead of night. Their life story began with imprisonment and torture by the government and it came to a new trial when their youngest daughter contradicted cancer. Umm Turab said that people use to say cruel words at them asking why do they waste their money to save someone who is destined to die. Only Allah surely knows the time for someone to leave this Dunya. Her husband gave a deaf ear to this taunting and worked tirelessly to save money for the medication and food for family.

He used to stand in long queue just to get a number to show her to the doctor. Alhamdhulillahi the first treatment worked for their daughter which eased the pain that she was suffering through to some extent. Umm Turab said she only felt the great sacrifices her husband had made in his absence during the first time she undertook the work that her husband did just for their daughter alone. She never knew how much of work he did as he never once complained to her. Subhaanallah.

He was a loving husband, a father and a grandfather. If there was a man who was searching for an excuse to sit at home he could have found one with an extremely sick daughter on hand without any one but Allah for his family to depend upon. But yet he joined the caravan of Jihad after working tirelessly to get to the land of Jihad.

Umm Turab told him to go forth and find his means to gain the forgiveness of Allah subhanahu wata alaa and let her find her means to Jannah in sha Allah and not to worry about her. He left his family and the little miskeen boy that they took care of for the past four years under the Rahmah of Allah subhanahu wata alaa. There is a great lesson for the men of understanding to learn from him for he showed extreme patience during the time of departure. He never once complained about the money he had to spend on this path or about the survival of his family.

During the last days on the soil of his mother land he lived as a fugitive escaping the cruel claws of the Police. Sincerity to Allah subhanahu wata alaa paved his road to join the ranks of Mujahideen. Alhamdulillahi. He showed eagerness to learn what he was taught in training. He passed through them with flying colors like a youth. He was not a man to sit on the sideways. He asked for himself to be sent to the Ribat and battlefield as soon as he completed the training.

In the dead cold of night of Bilad Ash Sham when he made wudu this frail skinny man shivered greatly but he continued to strive and woke up for Qiyamul Layl continuously before most of the brothers got up for prayer. Once his youngest daughter, pointed to a mobile saying my father’s mobile, remembering him with affection. This was one of the few amounts of wealth he possessed when he was in this land and he sold it off to buy a weapon to defend the Deen of Allah. People of Bilad Ash Sham described him as a man belonging to the Akhirah and they loved him for the sake of Allah. Whenever they say his name tears welled up in their eyes as they loved him like their own flesh and blood. He lived upto his name Turab meaning soil. For he willingly and humbly let his body be shredded into pieces into the soil for the sake of Allah terrifying the Kuffar onto the knees creating destruction and disaster and opening the gateways for the Muslims to enter to wage war for the sake of Allah. He may be nothing but dirt and soil to the eyes of the blamers but he is a beacon of light to the Muslims of the land of Sham. May Allah accept of his good deeds and forgive him and all the Muslims. The night of his passing away Umm Turab al-Maldifi saw a dream. Abu Turab looking extremely beautiful  and glowing came to her calling her to wake up for salatul Tahajjad. When she woke up it was 2.30am and it was time for tahajjad under the glowing stars of Maldives.

May Allah accept him as a shaheed and may Allah grant an acceptable martyrdom to all the sincere Mujahideen around the world and accept of their good deeds and forgive their short comings and errors. May Allah accept this humble effort in writing the biography of this humble servant and award it’s effort only in Jannah and forgive any errors and exaggerations that I may have written. Whatever good in it is from Allah and whatever bad is from shaitan and my own mistakes. May Allah subhanahu watta alaa grant victory to this Muslim Ummah. Ameen Thuma Ameen.


Abu Ayyub al-Maaldifi


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