Some of the Lessons to be learned from the Interview with Abu Hurairah Ameriki

The man who bought ticket towards Jannah with just twenty dollars

huraira wit flag

Interview with Abu Huraira Part 1 (The Hijrah)
Interview with Abu Huraira Part 2 (The Message)

A child of Palestine,
Born among the Kuffar,
Humbleness from head to foot,
Followed the sunnah of the Prophet sallah Allah alayhi wasalam,
Firmness in al Wala wal bara,
Thirsty for Hijrah,
Yearning for the love of Allah,
Walked the walk of five miles,
With Blisters on feet,
Reminding us of Abu Dharr r.a
Struggled he did,
Calling Labbaik Ya Allah!
Empty was his pocket,
Upon starvation he marched,
Indeed he was a quraba,
In an unknown city so large,
Not knowing whom to turn to,
Taking shelter in the Masjid,
Yet sufficient was Allah,
Rizq of Allah kept flowing,
With tranquillity enveloping his heart,
Unlocking the doors for his destination,
Breathed only for Jihad,
Became a brick for Islam,
And bought a ticket towards Jannah
With just twenty dollars….

Lessons to be learned

1. Striving sincerely for the sake of Allah.
2. When one makes a sincere niyah for a good deed hasten towards it.
3. Importance of being humble and not being arrogant.
4. Having love for Jihad fi sabillilahi and attaining martyrdom and Jannah.
5. Without complaining spending in the way of Allah with wealth and one’s own self even in hardship.
6. Importance of gaining the correct knowledge in Aqeedah from good reliable sources.
7. Respect and love shown towards the one’s with knowledge and giving due credit for them.
8. Importance in prioritizing ones actions in accordance with the commandments of Allah.
9. Submitting one’s will wholeheartedly to the commandments of Allah and getting rid of ways of Jahilliyah.
10. Following the foot step of the Prophet sallah alayhi wasalam and the sahaba.
11. Praying farl Salah in whatever circumstance the person may be in.
12. Importance of Dua making. Raising one’s needs and complain first to Allah before asking from anyone else.
13. Importance of praying tahajjad in the late hours even if you know just small portion of the Quran.
14. Importance of practicing patience upon patience.
15. Putting trust in Allah (tawakkalthu ala Allah).
16. Believing firmly that the provision (rizq) from Allah written for the person will be provided in ways that one could not perceive.
17. Importance of having good pious friends.
18. Importance of keeping one’s ego in check all the time.
19. Importance of shielding one’s self from the attacks of Shaitan, and helping others towards good and forbidding them from evil as much as one can. (Application of Surah al-Asr).
20. Coping patiently with the exams that one faces in the path of Jihad and Hijrah.
21. Being thankful to Allah for the good and bad that occur in the road of hardship.
22. Importance of maintaining secrecy and with holding one’s tongue from speaking unnecessarily.
23. Being thankful towards the people who help one out for the sake of Allah.
24. Being happy and content with the little one is bestowed by Allah.
25. Importance of having leadership and managerial qualities.

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