Wa Islamah

wa islaamah copyWa Islamah!

(A Call to the Ummah from the Land of Sham)

Walls collapsed, bones crushed, blood splashed. Babies out of the mother’s womb, arms raised from the debris, sound of the siren filling the air, men shouting in dismay. Torn bodies pulled, barely breathing lives rushed to hospitals. A face full of dust mixed with crimson red, tears falling, wailing of children and cries of women.

Wa Islamah! Wa Islamah! Wa Islamah!

Bomb! Bashar’s barrel bomb hits in the middle of the civilian homes. Blast! A cluster bomb hits the schools, shops and busy market before one can take a breath. And then there goes the Russians Jets. La hawlawala quwatta illah billahi!¬† Boom! Hit the Shariah Courts! And the second missile hits the same target while people are running to help the injured.

Wa Islamah! Wa Islamah! Wa Islamah!

IED explosions are not enough but the suicide bombers are too send in to blast the mosques, kill the scholars and areas filled with civilians, and the gang of Bagdadi goes calling “baqiya!” and killing the same Muslims who are being targeted by all of the enemies alike. Muslim blood more scarce than the K’abah shed like the water, and Muslim wealth made halal.

Wa Islamah! Wa Islamah! Wa Islamah!

The Arab Coalition Jets, Russians and French together with Germany and America in disguise. Every ruthless power hungry country joining this battle supporting the blood hungry beast Bashar. And as if this is not enough now the new so called Muslim Army threatening to come under the Command of the devil America against a broken people who are being choked by the evil dog Bashar.

Wa Islamah! Wa Islamah! Wa Islamah!

The Thagouth leaders spreading their venom in the Muslim land together with every devilish Kuffar making the life of Muslims a mere chess game. While the empty suites with their bow ties claiming to be representatives of Sham, making empty deals of cease fire with Russia that brings no avail to the suffering. Every money hungry wolf with their own agenda entering this war while the betrayers cling heavily onto their lives. Froth of the sea is what the Ummah has become.

Wa Islamah! Wa Islamah! Wa Islamah!

When the Muslim blood is threatening to turn the sea red yet the media scholars sit debating about what type of Jihad this could be. Their hairs turning gray with Palestine under occupation for more than seventy years.

Wa Islamah! Wa Islamah! Wa Islamah!

Muslim men who sit with their women, away from the battle fronts in their cozy palaces. The Muslim youth laid back without an ounce of heed towards the Ummah. Loafing around like zombies. Zooming on their bikes with their new gadgets, while the shout of Fardh Ainiyya of Jihad is ignored.

Wa Islamah! Wa Islamah! Wa Islamah!

Explosions! The deafening sound of gun fire. The Takbeers of Muslims against the advancing Kuffar around the villages. A hundred airstrike covering the Kuffar while the Muslims exposed to the thousands of shrapnel piercing their body. Yet the few Mujahideen running with their armors on foot after the fleeing filthy Army of Bashar. Killing and capturing them. When faces of the tyrants are turned it’s not only to find the faces Syrian Nusayreen but the faces belong to thousands of Shias from different parts of the world deceived by their Imams to kill the Ahlul Sunnah.

Wa Islamah! Wa Islamah! Wa Islamah!

When will the Ummah wake up from its deep slumber? What will take it to break from its monotonous vicious cycle? Mother’s honor taken, father’s imprisoned, Ulama slaughtered. The blessed Ghouta biseged, honorable people of Madaya starving to death. The hands of oppressed raised to Allah making du’a.

Oh Muslim! When will you come to aid your brethren?

You wanted the fatwa of a Shaykh and more than forty Scholars of Bilad Al Sham has issued the fatwa of Jihad being Fardh Ayniyya. You say you are confused with matter of Jama’t Bagdadi while countless clarification are issued by the Ulama making clear the falsehood of it. And yet you sit there thinking of some other excuse not to fight for the sake of Allah, when thousands of Shias are pouri ng from all corners of the world to aid the rafidha regime.

How similar is this ranging battle here with the Battle of Ayn Jalut. A battle that Sayfuddin Qutuz waged in this very land. The Mongols avoiding hand to hand combat and shooting repeatedly at the few band of Muslims.

Subhana Allah! And right now the Mujahideen of this era are facing the crusaders, communists, rafidha, nusayreen, and the thagooth coalitions. Mujahideen wear their shrouds standing against the rain of missiles.

That day when Sayfuddin Qutuz called out the famous battle cry “Wa Islamah! Wa Islamah! Wa Islamah! (Meaning Oh Muslims! Islam is in danger) the Muslims stood and went in battle after the Mongols, the super power of that time, breaking them and killing them. And drove them out of Syria.

And yet today the difference is when the Jihad leaders, the Scholars and the weak keep calling out to Ummah Wa Islama, Wa Islam, Wa Islama! Islam is in danger, it is falling upon the deaf ears of Muslims.

Know that Allah subhanahu wata aala has promised Victory for the Muslims.

“Or think you that you will enter Paradise without such (trials) as came to those who passed away before you? They were afflicted with severe poverty and ailments and were so shaken that even the Messenger and those who believed along with him said, “When (will come) the Help of Allah?” Yes certainly the Help of Allah is near!”

-Quran 2:214-

Certainly victory is near. Even if the victory is not witness by the few Murabiteen, know that they are sowing the seeds that will one day sprout the promised Victory in sha Allah!

So it is up to you Oh Muslim! to respond to the call of “Wa Islamah!”

Download PDF here Wa Islamah

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