Thinking good (positively) of Allah with regard to events happening in Syria

By Dr. Iyad al Qunaibi


My brothers,

Tests (through hardship) is not a new matter, but rather Allah’s Sunnah in His creation.

Allah Says [And We will certainly test you until We know those of you who carry out Jihad (struggle in Allah’s way) and observe patience, and until We test your affairs]{Mohammed:31}.

And Allah has informed us of the story of the people of the trench who were burned (alive) for His sake, the magicians of Pharaoh when he, Pharaoh, said to them [Surely, I will cut off your hands and your feet on opposite sides, and I will crucify you on the trunks of Palm trees] {Taha:71}, and the children of Israel who the Pharaoh had slaughtered their children and enslaved their women while they watched, Pharaohs companions, had saw. It got to the point that their children would be murdered before them, their women forcefully taken to be raped infront of him, and then he himself would be tortured. The Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) told us about a people who were cut with saws and their body flesh will be torn apart from their bones while they were alive.

For us,  when we accepted Allah as our lord ; we knew of this (the difficulties and hardships). We have accepted a Lord, Who will test us with great tests. However, He grants the believer patience throughout it and reward him ; to the extent that he, the salve, would wish on the day of judgement that his test was even greater and harder .

When were the believers of the trench burnt? It was almost 1500 years ago, and when did Pharaoh punish the children of Israel, killed their children, enslave their woman, and cut the hands and feet of the magicians and crucify them? More than 3000 years ago, Nevertheless the instant the believers pass away they are in the paradise of the life of Al Barzakh . And the instant Pharaoah perished along with the People of Al-Khulood (the oppressors) they were in severe punishment. Imagine! Since thousands of years the believers of the trench and the magicians of Pharaoh are enjoying paradise,and for thousands of years Pharaoh and his soldiers as well as the people the who burned the believers are in severe punishment. One thousand years! So now do you feel sorry for the believers of the children of Israel or the believers of the trench or are you jealous with what they are now in?

Abu Jahl tortured Yaser and Sumaya, the parents of Ammar, may Allah be pleased with them until the were killed. He, Abu Jahl, was then killed afterwards by several years. More than 1400 years Yaser and Sumaya are in paradise and Abu Jahl is in severe punishment. Are we now jealous of Yaser and Sumaya?

In the 50’s and 60’s of the previous century, Scholars such as Sayid Qutb and Abdul Qadir Oudah were tortured and hanged. Their killers died only a few years later, so for more than 40 years and the criminals are reaping the rewards of their actions and their war against the religion of Allah. Meanwhile those callers to islam that were tortured and sentenced to death are in paradise in al Barzakh as we assume and Allah is the who one judges them. Aren’t we now jealous of them?

Every Muslim that is being tortured and killed in Syria; Patient and expecting his reward from Allah, as soon as he dies he is in paradise .. whereas his killer has a severe punishment awaiting him at the moment of his death.

Do you know see that from the wisdom of Allah is that the their is paradise in the grave and punishment of the grave and told us about this so that we may show great patience? not only do we wait for believers to to be rewarded and the disbelievers to be punished when the hour comes, but to (rejoice) now!the former are in paradise and the latter are in severe punishment.

Right now! Its been said to your brothers and sisters killed in Syria upon belief: { O, reassured soul, Return to your lord, well pleased and pleasing [to him], and enter among my [righteous] servants, and enter my Paradise} {Fajr: 27-30} As for the soldiers of Bashar who are perishing right now { And if you could but see when the angels take the souls of those who disbelieved ; they are striking their faces and their backs and saying “taste the burning of the fire”] {Anfal:50].

Translated by Bilad Al Sham Media

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