Al Hafiz Baraa al Ansari

Al Hafiz Bara Al Ansari Rahimahullah (Al Shaheed bi’izinillahi)

If there was ever help needed regardless it be cleaning wells, refilling barrels with diesel, delivering bread to hungry families, or moving to a new house either for a muhajir or a poor Ansar, one will hear the oft too familiar sound of a scooter approach. With it comes a young lad with the brightest of smiles as a greeting.

Al Hafiz Bara Rahimahullah came into adolescent age along with the Arab Spring in Syria that turned into a raging war. Though the waves of war that came towards his own home area calmed down, the raining bombs didn’t stop. As the rat is still hiding in the sewerage of Damascus with his group of vultures up in the sky.

Bara Rahimahullah was always by the side of his beloved father helping out the Mujahideen for the sake of Allah day in and day out. A father who was the mentor for him, who was martyred by a Russian attack last year. Our media had previously written a small eulogy about the martyrdom of his beloved father Abu Abdu Al Ansari Rahimahullah. (

Other times he will take his mother to help sisters around. It will be hard not to spot this face among the crowd every time there was an emergency.

After the martyrdom of his father, Bara Rahimahullah took upon himself to complete rest of the Qur’an he had not by hearted by then. After fajr prayer he would sit in the masjid with rest of the students until the Dhuhur prayer breaking for meal. He would recite five to ten pages per day after byhearting them. By the will of Allah in a very short time frame due to his hardwork and determination he completed his objective. He was described as an intelligent and quick learner. This last Ramadan he spent the last ten days in i’utikaf with the rest of the students.

After completing his studies of the Qur’an he qucikly enrolled himself for the Sharee programme in Jabha Fatah Al Sham. Having completed the course, he quickly discussed with his mother about him wanting to join the military training in the Jama’t. Despite his mother advicing him to stay and gain further knowledge he spoke of his great wish to enlist for the martyrdom operation after the military training. His mother did not protest with him and told him to go ahead with his cause as everything she has she is willing to sacrifice for the sake of Allah.

After years of being around the Mujahideen now was his turn to complete his military training and join among the ranks of his beloved brothers.

He did complete his training as he wished and was with other brothers waiting for the call of mobilization for the next battle. On that faithful Friday came the american drone strike. Not a wall standing, everything was made to rumble. And among the gems whose body was mixed with the rest of hundreds of faceless martyrs in the american drone attack was our beloved Al Hafizul Quran Bara Al Ansari.

After an exact year of his father being martyred by the Russian attack Al Hafiz Bara attained his martyrdom in the military training camp of Jabha Fatah Al Sham. Like the daughter Fathima Radiya anha being the first of Prophet Sallallahu Allah alayhi wasallam household to pass away after him; Bara Rahimahullah was first to follow his father.

Saturday has come and the sound of the Adan echoes through the dawn, worshippers make their way in this cold weather as it instils a bitter sweet hope in the hearts that light of Allah is still beaming across this war wrecked land. Indeed upon the blood of the martyred and ink of knowledge Islam is still resisting in the land of Sham.

Though our eyes may not be pleased with that smile or hear the sound of his scooter around still there is hope in the heart. Like Bara, so many sons lost their father’s to this brutal war, and like Bara many will continue to rise over and over again to fill in their shoes to lift up the banner of Islam. They will continue to resist as long as Allah wills. Blood of the martyred in sha Allah shall not go in vain.

May Allah accept his good deeds. Crown him with the crown of haafizul Quran and the crown of the martyrs. And may he be united with the Prophets, ah siddeeqeen, and martyrs and his beloved father in Jannatul Firdawus. And may his mother be granted with patience upon patience until she meets them in Jannah. Ameen.

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