Chapter 4-5:Forty Hadith about the virtues of Martyrdom

40 hadith - virtues of martydom Chapter 4 & 5.jpg

Chapter 4:

The Muslim fighting in defence for his own self, his honor, his blood or his wealth does not enter under fighting for Assabiyyah (partianship & nationalism)

The fourth Hadeeth: narrated by saeed bin zayd who said that the prophet peace be upon him said: the one who fights in defence of his wealth is a martyr, the one who fights in defence of his family is a martyr, the one who fights in defence of his religion is a martyr and the one who fights in defence of his blood is a martyr) narrated by Ahmed, abu dawud and Tirmidhi who said classified it as Saheh Hasan, also in nasai and it’s first part is mentioned in Bukhari & muslim

And the meaning of the Hadeeth is clear and it’s details and rulings have been revised by the commentaries of Scholars on it

Chapter 5:

Paradise is under the shades of swords and it is its keys.

Narrated by Abu Bakr ibn Abdullah ibn Qays from his father saying that I heard my father when he was facing the enemy saying : The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: “Surely, the gates of Paradise are under the shadows of the swords”. A man in a shabby condition got up and said: Abu Musa, did you hear the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) say this? He said: Yes. (The narrator said): He returned to his friends and said: I give you a farewell greeting. Then he broke the sheath of his sword, threw it away, advanced carrying his sword towards the enemy and fought them with it until he was slain.

– Narrated by Ahmed, Muslim, Tirmizi and Ibn Habban

1: Virtues of Jihad for the sake of Allah and that it is a path to Paradise. Nawawi said (The scholars said: It means that Jihad and attending battles is a way to the Paradise and a means to enter it).

2: Encourage the believer to have a goal as a Mujahid and not to be staying with spiritless who lag behind.
3: Everytime a Mujahid gets closer to his enemy and they clash together, he will be closer to Jannah. Because its a virtue of storming the enemies (Inqhimaas) and seeking martyrdom in it.

4: Following the example of Prophet peace be upon him in encouraging Jihad.

5: Spreading knowledge even when facing the enemy; and conveying to the people whatever will fill their needs at the time.
6: Attendance of the scholars in fighting and participating in it with their ownselves and encouraging it with their tongue.

7: That the gates of Jannah lie beneath the shade of the swords, and in that there is a reference – and Allah knows best- to the fact that the martyr obtains paradise as soon as he is killed, and Allamah Ibn Al Haj said: And it is evident – and Allah knows best- that the area in which the fighting and the slaying of the disbelievers occurs is where the soul of the martyr takes off and enters Paradise, as it is evident in the quran & saheeh al akhbar”

8: The participation of the people who are shabby or ugly in Jihad

9: The dedication of the Mujahid to enter Jannah by conforming to Jihad and holding on to it.

10: The necessity of the scholar being patient and for him not to be easily displeased even if he told to authenticate and verify what he has said.

11: There is nothing wrong with the Mujahid being dedicated to fighting until he is killed , seeking jannah ; rather that is from the virtues of a mujahid.

12) Imam Ibn Al Jawzi (may Allah have mercy on him said): “The sheath was broken with the intent of not ensheathing the sword, and this man had great determination so when the opportunity came he hastened towards it”

13: The permissibility of a man bidding farewell to his family before going to fight the enemy.

Random (benefits) :
First: some of the chapters the Imams (of hadith) – may Allah have mercy on them – categorised (the hadith) in: In Sahih Muslim it was placed under the chapter of “Jannah being guaranteed for a martyr” .. In Ibn Hibban it was categorised under “what was mentioned in seeking to attain paradise by remaining firm under the shades of the swords in the sake of Allah”,
Al-Baihaqi categorised it under “The one who sacrifices and exposes himself to martyrdom to attain one of the two goods (victory or martyrdom)” ,
Ibn Shaybah mentioned the hadith under the category of “what was mentioned regarding the virtue of Jihad and encouraging it” but with the narration : “verily the swords are the keys of paradise” instead of ; paradise is under the shades of the swords .

Secondly: Al-Bukhari said : (Chapter “Paradise is under the flash of the swords” .. and Al-Mughirah bin Shu’abah said : the prophet peace be upon him told us about the message of our lord: whoever is killed from us will end up in jannah, and Umar may Allah be pleased with him said to the prophet peace be upon him : aren’t our dead in paradise and theirs in hellfire? He peace be upon him said : indeed ) .. some scholars pointed that Imam Bukharis collective mentioning of this chapter with the sayings of Al-Mughirah and Umar peace be upon them indicates to the virtue of martyrdom in the sake of Allah .

Thirdly: Al-Qurtubi said ( and its from the valuable, collective and summarised speech which consists of a variety of elequonce with conciseness and clear wording , (the hadith) benefits in the encouragement of jihad, informing of the reward for it, encouraging to advance towards the enemy, using the sword and uniting when advancing so that the swords would shade the fighters.) [Fath Al Bari 33/6]

Fourthly: According to the apparent ; when the mujahid broke the sheathe of his sword it seemed as a destruction and waste of wealth, and that is forbidded especially since it can be benefitted from by handing it to one of his friends, but – Allah knows best – this bad is overcome by the benefit of what this scene brings ; which shows continous determination, self control, a strong certainty, a firm advancement and full belief, like Mulla Qari may Allah have mercy on him said: (“he threw it” .. meaning the (sword) sheathe ; conveys that he doesnt wish to return to this world after he has headed for the hereafter) *End* , and these benefits in addition to what follows from strengthening the hearts of his brothers, encouraging them and downplaying the matter of being killed to them. And here remains the mentioning of his action accompanied with the narration of this hadith, its permissible for a person to storm into the enemy lines with a high certainty that he will be killed ; for some benefits mentioned by the scholars .. for example to raise the morale of his army and to terrorise their enemy – and sacrificing ones soul is the greatest of sacrifices – .. so what is a sword sheathe broken by its owner compared to the many benefits mentioned?!
And there are many matters which are permissible in jihad and prohibited in other than it .. even some of which become (in jihad) an action which Allah loves ; like pride. And this is what is apparent to me in the matter and Allah knows best.

Bukhari may Allah have mercy on him categorised it under: chapter “whomever doesnt see his weapon break at death” ..
Imam Ibn hajar may Allah have mercy upon him said: (maybe the author mentioned that in regards to the one who broke his spear when he clashed with the enemies so that they can’t take it as a war booty if he is killed, and broke the sheathe of his sword and struck with his sword until he was killed .. as it was narrated that it was done by Ja’afar and others based on ijtihad (interpretation) ..
And the origin is that destroying the wealth is impermissible because you’re doing something which is certain (destruction of wealth) due to a matter which isnt certain (you’re martyrdom and the enemy taking your wealth as war booty) [Fath Al Bari by Ibn Hajar : 9]

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