Unmasking Hezbollah.

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Headlines of the major news outlets across the globe continue to label the conflict in Syria as a civil war, misleading their readers in the process.

The 185 by 180 kilometer stretch of land has turned into a face-off between good and evil and since neither are restricted to a particular geography, diversity is thriving.

While thousands were moved to defend the oppressed women and children who were being indiscriminately bombed and killed, others have come with Hollywood like movie narratives. To prove (me right on the)/the latter look no further than the party of Satan; “Hezbollah”!

Hezbollah was formed 3 decades ago and has since been through many different stages. Since its formation it seems that the only thing which it has accomplished has been the fooling of millions of Muslims that it is a force to look to and lean upon against the oppressive state of Isreal.

Threatening rants and an exaggeration of its weaponry and arsenal gave many Sunni Muslims and Shiite hope that this army can one day be victorious over the Jews and free the Holy Land. But the lies of Hezbollah and its clowns came to light when they boasted about winning a war against Israel in 2006 with a lower casualty rate than most car accidents. A war which their leader Nasrallah’s voiced thunder through tv’s and speakers about “shooting the first and last bullet” after declaring open warfare to Haifa and beyond.


Allah says about the hypocrites {And when you see them, their forms please you, and if they speak, you listen to their speech. They are as if they were pieces of wood propped up} (63:4).

After years of pumping up their forces, their true colors are now coming to light as they have used all their strength not against the Israelis whom they’ve been demonizing since their formation but against Ahl Al-Sunnah in Syria. While the sincere and truthful arrived in al-sham to fight against the most brutal tyrant of the 21st century; Nasrallah sent his herd of sheep to defend the very pilots dropping barrel bombs that are shredding the bodies of children to pieces and the same soldiers who are violating the rights of the pure Muslim sisters. Estimates put the number of Hezbollah fighters in Syria around the 5,000 range since the beginning of their arrival (made public in 2012 by announcing their first killed). Conservative reports put their casualty rate at 1,500 but other sources have it closer to 3,000.

Simply going over the interviews and speeches of their ignorant leader Hassan Nasrallah who paint brushes the conflict to his convenience, their deception becomes apparent.  To whitewash their criminal backing of Bashar, Nasallah creatively characterizes this conflict as a war with America and Israel to his baboon like following. A script more fit for a film than an idea to sacrifice your life for. In mid 2016, he foolishly claimed in an interview that this is a continuation of the 2006 war with Israel as they are fighting the same enemy. According to him, this is all a plan by the U.S and Israel to break the axis of resistance that is threatening Israel. In other speeches he claims that Nusra and ISIS are a product of the United States. He even reiterated the idiotic statement of Trump, “Obama founded ISIS”, as proof to his even more idiotic theory.


To put his group in the spotlight he quotes the Americans “We made Daesh to in order to fight Hezbollah and the resistance”. Lets dig deeper into his fantasy world, in October of 2016 his intellect became more transparent with more groundbreaking discoveries when he said “In the area of Idlib and Aleppo, the US defends , safeguards, and allows financial and military aid to be provided to the  Nusra Front”. An interview with a Hezbollah fighter in Syria, validates that the stupidity trickles down the ranks when he was asked how he felt coming to Syria and fighting Arabs, his response “that they, Hezbollah, are still fighting the same enemy (Israel & the U.S) and the only difference between then and now is that these soldiers, rebels, are wearing a dush dash (white robe) and holding a Quran.” Hard not to challenge their honesty when they claim they are not only defending the sovereignty of Syria but the majority of Sunnis who have been killed by these takfiris while they bark “O, Zainab, you will not be held captive twice” and wearing “O Hussein” bands which clearly promote sectarian conflict.

This is their justification! They consider themselves fighting America when the intervention of America in Syria has benefited no one but the animals of Bashar. Hezbollah has been in Syria for 3 years and counting and how many times have they been hit by an American airstrike. If it was not for the American led coalition against ISIS, how can Bashar and his allies have contained any fronts with all opposition groups with an already spread thin army. How many times have we seen America counter on behalf of Bashar and his Allies with an assassination of a commander or base strike every time the Mujahideen delivered a blow to the regime. Does the Martydom of Abu Omar Saraqib not work in the favor of these thugs when he was planning another annihilation of their forces to break the siege of Aleppo? As there/their gate for reinforcements is wide open, America and its allies have cracked down on even the women trying to make their way to opposition areas. What is the casualty rate of Hezbollah fighters due to American airstrikes? How many of their commanders or bases have been struck from the sky? What threat do they even pose to American interests? Yet their ferociousness in fighting is fueled by flawed conspiracies justifying their siding with those responsible for atrocities against masses the world hasn’t seen since the holocaust. The Huffington post summarizes best the role of America in Syria “By allowing Assad to effectively outsource the battle against ISIS, the U.S.-led bombing campaign has freed up Syrian and Russian firepower for fighting other groups inside Syria – including the very groups that the U.S.supports. If the U.S.military intervention has helped any of the players in the Syrian conflict, it has probably been more to Assad’s benefit than to any of the opposition groups the U.S. government officially supports.”.

Some advice to Nasrallah is to change the rhetoric in his next barking session because clearly they aren’t fighting against who they claim to be fighting. Maybe he can come up with something more meaningful for his dogs to die for without it being so obviously false and easily debunked. Though one might assume its impossible to find something truthful from this clan of thugs, there was a nugget of truth in what their spokesperson said recently. We can agree to his statement that “the last words will be on the battlefield” and if he like he said before is as willing as to come here if need be then we say to him “Tafaddal” (welcome)  . We have our “Mufakkhahat” (Martyrdom operation vehicles) and the “Inghimaasiyyon” (stormers) ready for you.

Chapter 3: Avoiding the unclear banners and the danger of getting killed in anger for your group and not for the sake of truth.


The Third Hadith:

Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with him, narrated that the Prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said “Whoever fights under an unclear banner, being angry for a group, or calling to a group, or giving victory to a group, and gets killed, then his killing is Jaahiliyah (he dies in pre-Islamic state of ignorance)”.

Narrated by Muslim, Ahmed, Al Nisa’i and others . Continue reading

Chapter 2: It is necessary that the believer’s fighting is for elevating the Word of Allah


The Second Hadith

Abu Musa, may Allah be pleased with him, narrated that: 
A man came to the Prophet (
) and said, “A man fights for war booty; and a man fights for fame and a man fights for showing off; which of these is fighting in Allah’s Cause?” The Prophet () said, “He who fights so that Allah’s Word (i.e. Islam) becomes superior, then he is the one fighting in Allah’s Cause.” (Agreed upon)
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“Thaqoothekey thee” by Abu Nuh

“Thaqoothekey thee”
Poem by Abu Nuh (Rahimahullah)

Imam Ibn al-Qayyim (rh) said regarding the Thaqooth ,

“It is everything in which man exceeds his limits, whether it being worshiped, followed, or obeyed. So the Thaqooth of every community is he from whom judgment is sought, instead of what Allah and His Messenger have ruled; or those whom they worship besides Allah; or whom they follow without a proof from Allah; or whom they obey, while not knowing if it is in accordance to the Judgment of Allah. So these are the Thawagheet of the world; if you were to contemplate regarding them and see the conditions of the people with them, you would see that most of them have turned away from worshiping Allah Alone, to worshiping the Thaqooth ; away from seeking judgment from Allah and His Messenger, to seeking judgment from the Thaqooth ; away from obeying Him and following His Messenger, to obeying and following the Thaqooth .”

[Refer to “I’lām Al-Muwaqqi’īn” (1/50)]